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Legal Issues Involving Email in the Workplace

Workplace email can cause significant legal issues for both the business and the employee. An attorney at an experienced St. Louis business law office can prepare you for what to expect.
How Workplace Email Can Harm the Employee
When you use company equipment and your company email address to send correspondence, understand that your communication is not private. Companies may be permitted to monitor or selectively scan employee emails. Depending on the nature of the communication, you may be subject to discipline or termination for what you say. The bottom line is to not use email or other social media to divulge company secrets or complain about the workplace.

How Workplace Email Can Harm the Business
Lawsuits are often part of the cost of doing business. Whether your company sued or is being sued by another business or individual, workplace emails are subject to discovery. This means that the opposing side to your lawsuit may ask and be entitled to get copies of all workplace emails sent during a period of time. Therefore, it's important to have a strong company policy regarding workplace emails and to educate management and employees about the risks. An attorney at our St. Louis business law office can assist with this process and help protect you.

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