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Understanding the Legal Remedies for Unfair Business Practices

A variety of legal remedies exist to protect consumers from business who engage in fraudulent or deceptive practices. A skilled attorney at a St. Louis business law firm can review your case and help you decide what to do.

Types of Unfair Business Practices

In general, the term "unfair business practices" relates to conduct such as fraud, misrepresentation or other unconscionable acts by a business. The law allows an alleged victim to bring suit in court if they cannot resolve the issue on their own. A St. Louis business law firm can assist with that. Additionally, a variety of consumer protection laws exist to further protect consumers from unfair business practices. If you believe you've been victimized, it's important to get legal help as soon as possible. In many cases, the law imposes strict statutes of limitation in order to file suit.

Remedies Available to Victims of Unfair Business Practices

The types of remedies available depend on the underlying claim. Sometimes, business fraud victims are allowed to claim compensatory damages designed to make them whole or give them the benefit of their bargain. In other cases, the law allows for punitive damages. Punitive damages are often much higher than compensatory damages because they are aimed at deterring businesses from engaging in the offending conduct in the future.

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