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Forming a Corporation With the Help of a St. Louis Business Lawyer

If you are considering incorporating your business, you may want the assistance of a St. Louis business lawyer. There are many pitfalls to forming a corporation and an experienced attorney on your side can help you avoid these problems.

Choosing a Name

One of the first steps that your St. Louis business lawyer will have you take is to choose a corporate name. You should know that you cannot simply choose any name you want. Instead, you will need to follow some rules like making sure that you are not using a name that is already taken or that is affiliated with a government entity.

After choosing a name, a St. Louis business lawyer can walk you through the steps and help complete the paperwork to register the name. This is a key step that is oftentimes forgotten and can lead to problems later.

Filing Articles of Incorporation

Another major step that a St. Louis business law firm can help you is filing your articles of incorporation. This important document essentially creates your business entity. You must file this document with the state.

Your attorney can help draft the articles of incorporation. Typically, the articles of incorporation will include some basic details about your company like the corporate name, the names of the directors and the address of the corporation. You may also want to briefly describe the business you are in.

Contact a St. Louis Business Law Firm

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