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At-Will Employee Termination

When dealing with the task of terminating an employee, a St. Louis business law attorney may suggest proceeding with caution. While a person in this type of position can be fired for nearly any reason, a few legal complications may get in the way.

Rule of At-Will Termination
At-will employees can generally be fired at any time and for any reason. This means that they can be fired for good cause, no cause or even a legally but morally wrong cause. Similarly, at-will employees can quit their jobs for any reason. Additionally, a St. Louis business law attorney may explain that in most cases employers are not held monetarily liable after discharging an employee.

Proving Not At-Will
An employee may try to circumvent the rules of being an at-will employee, which would restrict the acceptable reasons for discharge and potentially hold the employer liable for termination. This may result if the employee proves that an employer promised that he or she would have a job for a specific period of time or would have a permanent position, creating an oral contract in employment.

Illegal Termination
A St. Louis business law attorney might also explain the grounds on which an employer cannot fire someone. These include firing someone for discriminatory purposes that fall under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other anti-discrimination statutes, including the employee's sex, marital status, race, color, religion or age.

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