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The relationships between franchisors and franchisees are quite complex. Some of the business matters that must be addressed while developing a franchise include the preparation of franchise disclosure documents, drafting licensing agreements, ensuring compliance with regulatory statutes and figuring out the most effective way to address legal disputes that may arise. Conflicts can quickly become costly and very time-consuming for all of the parties involved. A St. Louis business law firm knows how to develop legal solutions that are cost-effective and protect your long-term interests.
Missouri Franchise Law
According to Missouri Revised Statute §407.400(1), the existence of a franchise occurs when a person makes a written or oral arrangement that gives another person a license to use a trademark or other related characteristic in which there is a community interest in the marketing of the goods or services.

The relationship between the franchisor and franchisee is a delicate balancing act. The parties must sufficiently protect their rights and respective interests while also attempting to create a mutually beneficial arrangement that fosters the growth of both their businesses. Our St. Louis business law firm represents clients dealing with common legal issues such as:

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